NPAWorks/Code Metro - December 2021 Release - Ver 8.27.0
Incident Report for CodeMetro
The following enhancements and bug/defect fixes were released in December that will help the user have a better experience with NPA Works/Code Metro.

-NPA GO Login is Slow to Load = The team updated processes in the background that will make the login process much faster.
-Not showing the image of signatures on NPAGO on iOS devices = Customer can now view signatures on NPAGO when on iOS devices.

NPA Works General:
-Secondary Billing New Functionality = Can now send all information to clearing houses (Office Ally, APEX, etc.) for secondary funding sources with just the click of a button as all information can be sent electronically instead of having to print it out and mail in. This will be a huge time saver for customers when working with payers/funding sources that accept secondary claims electronically. Contact customer support if you would like access to this feature.
-ERAs coming into NPA Works that weren’t processed through NPA Works causing the charge line to be posted incorrectly = Has been fixed where instead of the “paid” amount displaying as “interest” it will be left in the “unapplied” field so the user can decide where to apply these payments. This will reduce incorrect payment posting when auto posting payments from an ERA.
-Syncing issues between NPA Works and Catalyst = Have improved logic in the background to improve syncing by adding more functionality to match and link up users and data in both systems.
-Users see a red “X” symbol when administrators are on the screen for changing their employee’s user names and passwords = This will no longer occur so as not to cause confusion of there being an error in the system when there is not one.

API Enhancements: (Ability to export your data in the background to your other business tools/data warehouses. Typically used by larger organizations.)
-Having issues in the API with joining data from different API sets = Added a Client ID column in the Client Contracts Services report so users can easily map it to other datasets. The Client ID will be used instead of the name to ensure a more reliable and accurate dataset in their data warehouse and BI tool.
-New API Payment Ledger Details Report = Users can now easily import the lists of all payments in the system into their data warehouse and compare with this bank transactions to ensure what is produced in the system matches what is in their bank account.
-Some reports not being able to be produced when ran = Some improvements were made on the backend to decrease time out errors and improve these reports being able to be produced.
-Not being able to run the Appointments Admin Last Updated report for the span of one day = This has been resolved so this report can be produced for the span of one day now.

Improvements to Reports:
-User friendly enhancements to the Appointment Cancellation and Make Up Report = If more than one makeup appointment occurs on the same day for a client the report will now show an Appointment ID section that will help the user see that these are not duplicates on the report for the same date but are the different make up appointments that occurred on the same day. This will cause less confusion and better interpretation of the data when running this report.
-Enhancements to the Billing Ledger Report Update = Users can now pick the type of payment in the report instead of selecting the “other” field that would cause duplication in the result set. This duplication error has been resolved.
Posted Jan 06, 2022 - 17:41 UTC
This incident affected: API (example) and Management Portal (example).